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School Leadership workshops, specific for school heads and administrators, provide a forum where they can objectively look at the issues that help or hinder effective schools. Workshops under this hub include

  1. School As Arena for Literacy

  2. School Leadership I and II

Who should attend?
It is designed for pre-service or novice teachers at primary or secondary level. It is also for experienced teachers who want to refresh their ideas related to teaching.

Workshop’s Aim:
Apathetic students, illiterate graduates, incompetent teaching, impersonal campuses — so rolls the drumfire of criticism of higher education. Years of reports have spelled out the problems. People have been quick to respond by holding out carrots and beating with sticks. But there are neither enough carrots nor enough sticks to improve education without the commitment and action of teachers. They are the precious resources on whom the improvement of education depends. Therefore they need to take teaching seriously.

Workshop Outcomes:

By the end of the session participants will be able to:
• Encourage contact between students and faculty.
• Develop cooperation among students.
• Encourage active learning.
• Communicate high expectations.
• Respect diverse talents and ways of learning.
• Strive for the professional growth of teachers.

Who should attend?
Teachers of all levels.

Workshop’s Aims:
An amazing reality of our lives is the fact that children can chat online, or send short messages and get INSTANT response. But they have to wait for a long time (often a week or more) to get a response from a teacher. No wonder that many children find classrooms lonely places with little joy in learning.
In this workshop Abbas Husain will offer a vision of student voice as mandatory for the teaching learning process. It is true that many teachers find the task of managing interactive classes daunting, due to lack of time and materials. But despite a heavy workload the teachers must see that group/peer interaction is not yet another extra but the very stuff of learning.
This workshop will offer over 25 ideas of how to make classrooms vibrant with the “buzz” of learning. Teachers will actually make some materials so that they can implement these ideas in their classrooms as soon as possible.

Who should attend?
Teachers of all levels.

Workshop’s Aims:
Based on the work of Marvin Marshall, the Raise Responsibility system offers a way out of the (dis)stress we feel as teachers whenever we have to take stern steps for disciplining the children in our care. He successfully argues that neither rewards nor punishments are effective: bribery achieves little, and the pain of punishment does not make the child see the point of the good behavior.
This workshop rests on a cardinal fact borne out by research that 85% of all misbehavior happens in the first week.
The workshop has been prepared to help the busy teacher look at her own repertoire of approaches and skills and particularly grasp the importance of the first week by reflective questions, theoretical inputs and some grasp of child psychology.

Workshop Outcomes:
By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
• Understand the ineffectiveness of punishments and rewards.
• Deal with the emotional needs of students.
• Implement a Whole School discipline policy

Who should attend?
This course is designed for teachers who wish and need to improve their English Language Skills.

Workshop’s Aims:
Language is mainly for communication purposes. English is the dominant language of professional life. For acquiring the efficiency and effectiveness in teaching, teachers have to develop their language skills. Good communication skills build confidence in oneself.
The tools in this workshop will work as confidence building measures. The focus will be listening/oral and reading skills. It is by reading that access to the best language is assured and the participants will find out their own reading speeds and practice some strategies to double it. The aim of the workshop is to introduce and make teachers familiar with the activities and strategies.

Workshop Outcomes:
By the end of workshop participants will be able to:
• Gain more from their daily routine, like watching TV, reading the newspaper, using social media.
• Gain confidence and lessen hesitation.
• Implement self-directed learning tools to enhance English Language skills.
• Practice simple but effective strategies for better written and oral skills in our local culture.

Who should attend?
Dr. Patricia McEldowney of the University of Manchester was the mastermind of this model. IMLS is a method of teaching English – or any other language – by integrating the four language skills in the same classroom period. IMLS polishes the listening and reading skills and enhances speaking and writing skills with its distinctive method. The IMLS techniques enable teachers to develop required language proficiency in the students.

Workshop Outcomes:
By the end of workshop participants will learn:
• How to plan a lesson which will improve all four language skills of students.
• The means of appropriate language learning of students.
• The process of facilitating the best output

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