Master Teacher Course

MTC is an intensive, participatory Course of 100 hours designed by Abbas Husain to build a community of trainers committed to professional excellence and effectiveness. The course will equip you with skills to solve the problems you encounter as a teacher in the present context in Pakistan. Participants will:

  • Learn new methodologies, principles, theories and models of learning and language teaching
  • Explore cutting-edge educational resources, including online teaching resources
  • Join a nationwide platform for teachers’ professional sharing and growth
Course Content
MTC is spread over four hubs of concern:
  • Teacher as a Person
  • Teacher in the Classroom
  • Teacher in the Staffroom
  • School Leadership

Within these hubs, participants will cover foundational theories of learning and teaching, master the skills of teaching, study the Integrated Model of Language Skills, learn how to plan and deliver a workshop, hone their classroom management techniques, develop innovative strategies for managing changes in their schools, and most uniquely, explore how they can incorporate multimedia resources from the Internet into their lesson plans.

Course Eligibility
MTC is open to teachers who have:
  • Five years of teaching experience
  • Good command over English
  • Aptitude for leadership

Why should you do the MTC?
The Master Teacher’s Course has helped teachers:

  • Climb several steps up their career ladder
  • Coach/train colleagues with innovative strategies
  • Develop a clear vision for the future of their school

Novice Teachers Course

The Novice Teachers Course is customized for your institution and your teachers.

To bring the NTC to your team, contact us at for inquiries, or call us at 021-34310217 or 021-34313519 to set an appointment.

Subject-Based Workshops

TDC offers a range of subject-based workshops for teachers. These differ each month. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates when new workshops are announced.

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