Empowered more than 66,000 teachers with approach,artifice and techniques to become professional teachers.

Teachers’ Development Centre (TDC), founded in April 1997, is a centre for teachers’ professional development.

 Teachers Development Centre so far has empowered more than 87,000 teachers all over Pakistan. It is a platform for the teachers and heads of schools in Pakistan, where they can get an opportunity to learn and grow.

We believe that supporting teachers in their professional development leads to improved outcomes for learners. Good quality training and reflective professional development are essential parts of a teacher’s professional life. Our approach to professional development and training supports teachers to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.

TDC has worked to develop a style of mentoring that is research based, cooperative, interactive, and learner-based throughout Pakistan. It has offered workshops on each topic that contributes to this mode of teaching and has achieved some fame for its consistent stance for promoting learner based teaching.

At TDC, teachers get a complete toolkit having the skills and techniques to become thorough professionals. Since, its establishment Teachers Development Centre (TDC) has offered a number of courses, programs and workshops that have helped teachers and school management to acquire the skills and modern techniques to transform themselves and their schools.

TDC workshops allow participants to acquire useful skills and knowledge, increase their visibility, and build a network of relationships beyond their own school, as well as to share experiences and practices with others. The training is practical, combining research based theoretical knowledge with an inter-active environment, giving tools and skills that offer participants a strong foundation.

Apart from trainings and courses, TDC has a huge collection of latest books on pedagogy, learning strategies, classroom management, psychology, educational leadership, assessment etc. in its library; available for teachers to facilitate their learning.
TDC has worked in urban as well as rural areas of Pakistan. Among many others, it has served teachers in Ghotki, Sukkur, in Sindh; Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad in Punjab; Peshawar, Abbottabad in KPK; Quetta, Pishin in Baluchistan.

And now TDC’s services are recognized in the region. Workshops have been offered at Oman, Afghanistan, UAE and most recently in India.



We believe reflection leads to better action and the teachers who reflect on their own teaching experiences and practices are more effective teachers. Reflection changes attitudes and perceptions, generates new ideas and leads to professional growth.

Personal Mastery

We believe that to engage in personal mastery is to grow in personal and professional effectiveness. We provide opportunities for teachers to hone their skills in a congenial atmosphere to grow as persons and professionals.

Shared Vision

We believe that teachers sharing a common vision with other teachers, administration and staff in a school enjoy greater job satisfaction and professional excellence. We help teachers to grow in partnership with others.

Our Valued Clients

Teachers’ Development Centre has worked with organizations of all levels from federal, provincial and local governments to leading

national and international NGOs, and a large number of private institutions. Some of the institutions TDC has worked with are: